Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. By accessing or using the Website (defined below) and / or the services available through the Website (defined below), you may be bound by, amended or supplemented by these Terms of Use., You agree to strictly comply with these Terms of Use. Sometimes, If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not visit the website and use the service.

General Provisions

Websites and services can be accessed by anyone with internet access from around the world. The service is designed to allow publishers to make money by shortening URL links that are clicked later. Publishers can also be rewarded for displaying one of the ad formats on their site and introducing their site and service to friends. The provider reserves the right to change the functionality of the website and services at any time, especially by introducing new features to the publisher.

Do not advertise the link directly on any form of traffic exchange / PTC website. 

Do not place the original link in website URL that contains adult materials. 

Do not provide an incentive to your visitors, and click Link, including Gift / Points / Cash. 

Do not ask people to click the link. 

Don't make a profit by creating a "redirect loop" with a similar service (like 

Do not use the link to create spam anywhere, including forums / chats / comments / blogs.

Do not open the link in a pop-up / pop-under or iframe. Only the link needs to be opened when the user clicks on the link. No other link / window can be opened. 

Automatic redirects to links are only allowed with HTTP redirects (unless you use one of the pre-approved scripts available on the website). 

JavaScript redirects or meta refreshes are not allowed. For redirects, we recommend,, and services.

If you are redirected to a link, the original link will be considered a " link" for the purposes of this Agreement. The only legitimate way to open a link is to click on the actual link. 

You can test by clicking on your link. You can not create a test only link. 

A contract to provide access to this website and service is formed by registering for the website and at the same time having a good understanding of these terms of use and privacy policy.

Publisher may not access and use the websites and services without prior agreement to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 

You can subscribe to this service by visiting the website, filling out the registration form and clicking the "Register" button. 

Publishers may terminate their contract to provide access to the Site at any time without explaining why. To do this, the publisher must submit a corresponding declaration of intent using the contact form . Publishers may stop using the website and services at any time !

The collection, use and disclosure of the publisher's personal information by the provider is subject to the terms of the privacy policy available on the website. Publisher consents to the use and disclosure of Publisher's personal information in the circumstances described in this Privacy Policy.

Publishers should carefully read their complete privacy policy before deciding to become a publisher.

If Publisher uses the Website or Services in a manner that violates these Terms of Use or applicable law, the Provider reserves the right to use the Publisher's personal information to the extent necessary to establish its liability. will do. In such cases, the provider will notify the issuer of the consignment of the illegal activity and request an immediate suspension.